Monday, December 6, 2010

A Weekend of Birthdays and Christmas

The Christmas and Advent season is in full swing at our house. I stole an idea from Julie over at Herding Grasshoppers, and have wrapped our winter and Christmas books. Every night, the boys take turns and unwrap a book, and I read this for their bedtime story. So far, we've read a beautiful pop-up version of The Nativity, a couple of Elmo Christmas books from the dollar store (hey, I was running low on winter/Christmas books), and Snowmen At Night. I still don't have quite enough books, so I am going to find the Polar Express and a few other books to add to the pile. This is a really fun way to count down the days until Christmas!

Saturday, Matthew had his fifth birthday party. He won't be five until the 22nd, but we needed to have his party on the early side, since the preschool kids go on winter break soon. We went bowling, and all the kids had a blast!

On Sunday, we went to a local Christmas tree farm and cut down our tree. The boys really loved this, since we were running through the plantation in lake effect snow.

After slaying the Christmas tree, I took the boys to see Tangled while Dennis went to his hockey game. Nolan was really into the movie, and upon exiting the theater, he said, "The horse- HA HA! He funny!"

I was really hoping for a snow day, since all of the other local districts are closed today. Our school district, however, is very dedicated and remains open despite the nasty road conditions. I suppose it will be good to get back into some sort of a routine!

The Weather Cat indicates we should all have a snow day.


Amie said...

fun,fun,fun,fun and funny!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Woo-hoo... "slaying the tree". I may have to borrow that!

And I love the weather cat ;D


Anonymous said...

Love your snowy updates! Poor kitty! Or does kitty like the snow that much?

Great idea on the books! May have to borrow your borrowed idea for next year!

Stay warm!

Julia said...

I heard you guys were getting pounded this afternoon. Some of my students from Jamestown said it took them 2 hours to get here, and Cassadaga was the worst (as always). Tonight seems to be our turn -- we'd better read the instruction manual for our new snow blower.

My Weather Cat is curled in a ball next to me, snoring loudly. She seems relatively unconcerned by the precipitation.

leah said...

Weather Cat (Teddy) goes out every morning for about 15 minutes, then comes back inside. He definitely regretted going outside yesterday morning!

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

The weather cat is still looking at me even when I try to move away from the computer. Is that normal?

I'm excited to see Tangled!