Monday, December 20, 2010

Post-Op Appointment

Nolan had his post-op appointment for the supraglottoplasty today. He has discontinued the oral steroid and the pain medication, and will continue the antibiotic and his reflux medications. The weaning from the pain medication has left him rather cranky, but he seems to be fine most of the time.

I wasn't expecting the impromptu nasal endoscopy (a scope to verify his recovery is going well). This required more cotton with lidocaine up the nose, the papoose board, and a flexible scope going up his nose and down his throat. With the number of times the little guy has been held down for similar procedures, he's going to develop a complex about things going up his nose!

The endoscopy showed lots of scabs where the laser burned tissue. This is expected, but it made me sad to see all the burn marks. The poor little guy has to be in so much pain when he swallows! The scope also showed that the laryngomalacia is completely gone- his epiglottis is no longer flopping on top of his voice box when he tries to breathe.

His ENT gave him the all-clear to resume all activities, and wanted to see him back in another 3-4 weeks for a repeat nasal endoscopy. The office staff made his next appointment for March 28, however, so I have a feeling I might have misheard the doctor. He also has a follow-up sleep study scheduled for May, and we will verify that the obstructive sleep apnea has disappeared.

The important thing is to keep on top of his acid reflux (the extra-esophageal or LPR reflux, specifically), so the laryngomalacia and other airway difficulties do not recur. For now, the Zantac and Nexium are working to prevent further damage- I suspect there will be more pH probes in the little guy's future.

We did give Dr. B a little present- to thank her for figuring out much of Nolan's medical craziness. We painted a pot with Nolan's handprints and I wrote, "Thank you for helping me grow" on the rim. It seems a silly gift, but how do you thank someone for saving your kid from future heart failure? I suppose a plant will have to do- words can't express how grateful we truly are.

Our "thank you" present.

Despite being given the all-clear to resume all activities, I am keeping Nolan home from preschool tomorrow.* For one thing, it seems a bit absurd to send him to school for one day before Christmas vacation begins. In addition, I don't want to expose him to unnecessary germs while he's still recovering (he has already developed yet another upper respiratory infection, without exposure to preschool).

The last reason is that the Week of Craziness has officially begun. Today, we made the plant gift for the ENT, ran up to Buffalo and Back, Matt went to hockey, and I made a bazillion snowmen cupcakes.

An army of sugary goodness.

Tomorrow morning, Matt has his birthday celebration at his pre-K class. We will probably scarf down some lunch in the stairwell, then run over to his "X-Cel" and Creative Arts class Christmas program- then I will make a horde of Christmas cookies for his Pre-K cookie exchange. Wednesday involves his Pre-K Christmas party and cookie exchange. By Thursday, we are going to be happy to have a break from the programs/activities/parties.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas (or had a Happy Hanukkah or other celebration)!

*Our school district doesn't go on winter break until December 23, so we have a busy week ahead!


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Your snowmen are adorable!!!

And what good news - no more laryngomalacia! That's the best Christmas gift, yah? Well, Nolan may not think so at this point, but still praying he'll feel recovered.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and an un-medical New Year :D


Melanie said...

Glad you got the all clear. It is amazing how quickly their little bodies bounce back.

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

I'm sure that will be a treasured gift. I bet we'd all be surprised how rare it is for parents to actually say 'thank you' even when they are thinking it!

I'm so glad everything is going so well!

rouchi said...

Its amazing in the midst of all this you still manage to do so much!The snowmen look really good.

tammy said...

Oh girl, what you and your little man have been through lately! SO GLAD to read Nolan's making a good recovery and hoping by now (I'm late in reading this), he's feeling much better.

and BTW, I absolutely LOVE the plant idea! What a great gift! AND the snowmen cupcakes - ADORABLE!

Here's to a surgery free 2011!