Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mr. Cranky

Christmas was a great deal of fun, though Mr. Cranky is having a hard time coping with the festivities. He's still having some pain and difficulty swallowing his saliva at times. He spent much of Christmas in a bit of a funk.

On the other hand, he was breathing silently last night, and slept until 9:30am today. He has developed a hoarse voice, so it is possible he is developing another upper respiratory infection. He won't take his medication voluntarily, and we've had more than one incident of Nexium and/or antibiotic being spat out on the carpet. I've weaned the Tylenol with Codeine down to about 1 dose per day, and he seems to be handling that fairly well- I think the crankiness is due to a general "icky" feeling rather than acute pain.

We are keeping things quiet and staying at home, letting him recover his energy and hopefully get past this bout of crankiness. Hopefully he will be 100% recovered before returning to school on January 4.

I, for one, will be very grateful when 2011 arrives!


rouchi said...

Poor Nolan and poor you.A sick child is tough to have around mentally and emotionally.You need a good break and a very happy 2011.I really wish you a very happy and healthy trouble free 2011.

Kimmy K said...

Merry Christmas! Have been following Nolan's progress and keeping y'all in my thoughts, and am so glad everything went well. Here's hoping he will be pain free SOON! I feel your pain on cranky kids at Christmas--mine both had fevers and vomiting, then we ended up in the ER with Grey and a bad ear infection. Why is it always when the pedi office is closed?

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

That's too bad about the crankiness. Hope he gets all rested up!