Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Supraglottoplasty (Update From the PICU)

Today has gone very, very well. Much better than we were expecting, since nearly all children with supraglottoplasties have a period of intubation on a ventilator. While the PICU had the ventilator unit ready and waiting, Nolan didn't need it. They extubated him shortly after the procedure, and the swelling hasn't become a problem. His oxygen levels have remained above 90% (except for some brief crying episodes).

He received morphine initially, but is now only on Tylenol and Loretab for pain relief. He is quite cranky, since he is not allowed anything to eat or drink until tomorrow. His throat is amazingly sore, but the medication is helping to keep him quiet (along with a plentiful supply of DVD's). Since we were expecting him to be intubated and sedated, we didn't bring along many toys- thank goodness for the hospital gift shop!

He will probably still be kept until Thursday, to have a day of observation once he starts eating (watching out for the possibility of aspiration issues). We will definitely be home by Thursday afternoon- what a relief! Right now he is receiving all meds via IV (a steroid, the Loratab, Protonix (PPI), Zantac, and Amoxicillin).

Santa Claus visited the PICU today and brought Nolan a matching game and a Go Fish game (he also brought the parents donuts, cookies, and pizza- Santa is truly wonderful)! They took pictures of the kids with Santa while I was out scarfing down a donut- I will post that picture once I get home. I'm currently on the PICU wi-fi network, typing on a laptop.

Things are going extremely well, and I can't wait to get home and be "done" with this round of medical events!


Anonymous said...

Hello! It sounds like our kids have some of the same medical issues. My daughter and son both have laryngomalacia. My daughter's was corrected when she was 9 months old (she's almost 2 now) and my son (he's almost 4 months old) had surgery for his last month. It failed and will be re-done next month. He also has severe GERD and my daughter has some heart defects. Looking forward to future posts from you!


Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

Awesome news! I hope it keeps going so well!

Herding Grasshoppers said...


What great news! We've been praying for you all today :D


xraevision said...

Great to hear from you so soon after Nolan's surgery, and I'm so relieved that things are going well. I thought about you all day.

I remember very well how many nice distractions descend upon Pediatrics during the holiday season. We spent X's entire first December in the hospital with daily visits from Santa, music groups and volunteers bringing gifts and food, all making the time bearable.

Best wishes for a continued quick recovery!

Lucas'Mommy said...

I was thinking about you guys all day... I'm so glad to hear the very positive report! Still keeping little Nolan in our thoughts and prayers until he comes home. Hugs to you and D!

tammy said...

I am smiling ear to ear for you all! I've been thinking of you all and this news just made my day! Huge hugs!

TheSweetOne said...

hooray! What a trooper! and Nolan too! ; )

Julia said...

Great news, great news!!! Well, except for the sore throat, but that's only to be expected and I hope it eases up soon. I hope you're staying in Buffalo and not trying to commute during this iffy lake-effect period.

Give Nolan a hug for me, and I hope recovery continues to go well. I look forward to the next update.