Sunday, August 14, 2011

Taking a Break

Friday was such a miserable day. Nolan wouldn't eat anything, though he seemed to be fine in every other way. His nose is congested, but it is always congested with the combination of reflux and the C-Pap machine. Friday, Nolan spent the entire second half of the day like this:

We decided to stop C-Pap therapy for the weekend to let him recover to his "normal" level of activity and eating. He ate a waffle on Saturday morning. Two bites of a grilled cheese sandwich at lunch. 3 bites of macaroni and cheese at dinner. We took him out for ice cream, hoping that would entice him to eat: no dice. He ate about 3 bites of ice cream before his stomach was "full." He did eat some kiwi fruit when we got home - he always prefers wet foods when the reflux/DGE gets really bad.

Apparently, his digestive system has decided to go on vacation.

He seems to be eating a bit more this morning. He has had dry cereal and wants some bread. Mornings are his best time for eating when he gets like this (his tummy has all night to empty), so we're trying to load him up with high calorie foods.

We haven't seen the delayed emptying really cause a problem since he was about 2 years old. For some reason, it seems to have made a return this week. Nolan seems a bit more perky this morning, so hopefully that is an indicator that things are speeding up in tummy-land.

We'll start C-Pap again tonight, to see if the C-Pap is causing things to get worse. If Nolan takes a plunge into the vomiting/congested world of not being able to eat, we'll have to take a longer hiatus from C-Pap therapy. I don't really see how the C-Pap could increase Nolan's motility issues, though - I really do think the flare of his issues is just coincidental with the start of C-Pap.

Now I'm off to go dump some DuoCal into a jar of yogurt. Hopefully he'll eat it!


rouchi said...

Awww, wish I could do something or do something to make you guys feel better.I really wish, there could be something that could just change the things for this lil guy.The amount he suffers is so evident.....and eventually so emotionally tiring for you as his mum too.Hugs to you dear...hold on there.

Julia said...

Oh, poor kid looks so depleted in that picture. Kind of a limp noodle look. A limp noodle wearing underwear exactly like Ben's. I hope he recovers his energy and appetite this weekend, and that the motility flare-up is a coincidence. Give him a hug for me.

TheSweetOne said...

When Lauren was an infant and extra gassy, the doctors kept saying it was because she was swallowing air. I thought they were "full of it" but do wonder if the CPAP has overflow air being forced into Nolan's stomach?

leah said...

Anything is possible. He isn't particularly gassy - just has no appetite and his motility is slowed way down (as evidenced by the vomiting). He does have occasional flares of this nature, so hopefully he'll be back to normal. He is eating a bit more today - we'll see what happens when we start up C-Pap therapy again tonight. He's having leg cramps and energy issues again today, though. It is all so random!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Don't I wish I had a Magic Mommy Wand.

Praying for you guys,