Thursday, August 25, 2011

Preparing for School

School starts next Thursday. There are the normal preparations to make, like purchasing school supplies, going to open houses, and choosing the perfect lunch box.

Then there are the extra preparations - the ones that involve educating and advocating for a little guy who can't explain his extra needs to the adults around him. I called Nolan's future teacher earlier in the week to set up a meeting. I need to show her his equipment and to give her the general lowdown on the little guy. She called me back very quickly. And gave me her home phone number.

We chatted briefly, and I set up a meeting for this coming meeting. Her final words?

"What can I do to help him succeed?

The best words ever spoken to a parent. She is a wonderful teacher.

I am trying to come up with information that is pertinent, but not overwhelming. I'm working on a simple "Nolan Information Sheet" to explain the relevant issues (vision, hearing, fatigue, choking and gagging). Some of the issues may not come into play very often - he only chokes on food occasionally, though the gagging is occurring at increasing intervals.

This teacher is going to be wonderful for Nolan. She loves art. She loves children. She has experience with special education and with the mainstream. She is amazing.

I know Nolan is going to have a great year in her classroom. I am very excited to see what this year brings!


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Wow! That just melts my heart to have somebody jump on board so quickly!

Three cheers for a great year of preschool :D


Kyla said...

I posted KayTar's letter to the teacher today...4th year!

Sounds like Nolan got a wonderful teacher!! We've had great experience with teachers thus far and I always ask the current teacher at the end of the year to pick KayTar's teacher for the following year, and it has worked out really well!

rouchi said...

Oh what a relief for you! Nothing can be better than your kid having a great teacher who understands and wants your kid to succeed. We are wishing him all the very best for him at school and hoping that he has a great year without any major issues to worry about. Yippeee, for this good news.

tammy said...

What a great way to start off the school year! Those are words every parent longs to hear. She sounds amazing.