Sunday, August 28, 2011


We spent the weekend forgetting IEP's, C-Pap, and all the other things that seem to be pressing down on us lately.

On Saturday, Nolan turned four. We went to a local amusement park, and had an absolute blast. I am fairly certain this child contains little of my gene pool, because he LOVES thrill rides. The child has no sense of fear!

We spent the day riding the biggest thrills a child of 40 inches could ride - and consoling our little man when he could not ride amusements with names like "Deathflayer." My stomach has not quite recovered from his love of thrills. He has opened presents, and eaten birthday cake. I still can't believe my baby is four.

We left off the C-Pap for three full days, and his voice has somewhat recovered and his lungs sound clearer. To really determine if the C-Pap machine is causing the issues with his lungs, we are starting the therapy up again tonight. Hopefully the lung issues were coincidental...

I have a meeting with Nolan's teacher tomorrow morning, and school starts on Thursday. Pre-Kindergarten, here he comes!


Kyla said...

Happy birthday, Nolan!! What a fun way to celebrate!

TheSweetOne said...

Happy Birthday Nolan! You rock!

rouchi said...

Happy birthday Nolan,sorry got late but wishing you the new year absolutely rocking and with the greatest of health!