Friday, August 19, 2011

Much, Much Better

The pediatric C-Pap mask I ordered off the internet arrived yesterday, and I was thrilled to find it was a nice, tiny size. The nasal portion fits over his nose and doesn't overlap onto his mouth. The head net is the right size for a small four year old, and the hose is on a swivel so that it doesn't bother Nolan as much in his sleep (the other mask had the hose in a fixed position on his forehead). Nolan kept this mask on for most of the night - he knocked it off when he got an air leak near his eyes. Still, he is getting much more time with this mask than the other one.

I know the need for a CPap at the age of three or four is pretty rare, but if anyone needs a good mask, the Respironics Child Lite mask is the one to go with. We got ours from for $99.
The only "negative" is that this mask makes a little more noise than the others (the other masks are silent), but I'll take some noise if the mask actually fits!

The next step will be to get Nolan to keep the mask on throughout the entire night. That actually seems like a possible feat, since we have a mask that actually fits the little guy.


Kyla said...

So glad you've found on that WORKS!

Herding Grasshoppers said...



rouchi said...

Thank God for small mercies....good for you!

Julia said...

That's great, and I'm sure it's a huge relief to you. This cpap thing might work out yet! Does he seem to be sleeping better or more comfortably now that he's getting enough oxygen?

leah said...

We're still having difficulty with the length-of-time issue. While he isn't knocking this one off and getting it wrapped around his neck, he wakes up crying that it is hurting him. The chronic congestion isn't helping matters. We're giving it more time, but this is not going to be an "easy" fix - I'm on the hunt for a full-face pediatric mask.

xraevision said...

Three cheers for mothers on the internet. Good for you for finding a mask that fits your little guy! It looks like a MUCH better fit. One problem solved, a few more to go!