Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This and That

I went to pick up Nolan's new earmolds yesterday (impressions made on January 9) and they were too already too small! At least they don't fall out of his ears like the previous set, but there are gaps at the edges. Our audiologist took new impressions and is airmailing the earmolds with another baby's. We go back on Friday to pick them up- these ones should fit for a little while (I hope)!

Along with outgrowing earmolds like crazy, I think I need to buy the next size up in pilot caps. He was in the XS size, and he definitely needs a small now. I'm going to see if I can cross-stitch something onto the hat. I'm definitely not a crafty person, but I can cross-stitch. I'm not sure what I want to put on the hat, though. My husband is lobbying for a Red Wings design, but I don't have a pattern for that!

Early Intervention also came by to set up the evaluation for Matthew's speech. I should have a date soon- I just hope he qualifies this time. He has about eight unclear words. In most states he would qualify for a speech delay, but NY state does a "total language" score. This means that even if the kid never talks, he may not qualify because he understands so much. He wasn't even babbling by 17 months and didn't qualify because his receptive language was that of a 26 month old. We'll see what happens this time around- he just learned to say "mama" at 2 years of age (and can't always say that), but he understands what it means to "gain altitude." If he doesn't qualify for speech therapy, we will just continue on with sign language for him. All I really care about is communication, but it would be nice if we could get some help on the speech front.

Speaking of sign language, I've been wanting to take an ASL class at our local community college. I can't for the time being because the husband is in Sweden for half of every month, which means I have no place to leave the kids while I take a class. There is a lady (ASL interpreter) who goes to my church, and she gave me a certificate for 5 one hour ASL sessions in our home. AWESOME! That should get me started, and the one-on-one will allow me to focus on vocabulary and phrases for communicating with my little guys. J.K., I am forever in your debt!


Drew's Mom said...

I recommend dying the hats! It worked well for us. Also, you can find fabric paint at Jo Ann's or Michael's, and that works well to put on stripes, etc. We made a cute little Buckeye hat for Drew!

Oh, and I almost forgot...Staples has paper that you can print out of your computer and iron onto fabric. (It's in with the Avery labels and photo paper). Maybe you could take the Red Wings logo, print on the iron-on and then heat onto the hat! That would be so cute. Anyway, just some ideas.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that you've got someone to come to your home to work on ASL! We had that at one point, a friend who was also an interpreter helped us on a weekly basis until she moved. It was wonderful.

Have you heard of the book The Late Talker? I'm reading it now and I think it's excellent, mostly about apraxia.

I remember the days of growing out of earmolds and pilot caps like they were yesterday. Where does the time go?

Loudest Mom said...

The ear mold thing is so annoying in the beginning. But, Delaney has now had the same set of ear molds for 2 years (they are old and kind of gross looking, so we'll probably replace them, but she hasn't outgrown them :) We also had an ASL teacher come work with us for a year or so. Our AVT team wasn't thrilled with that, but it was very fortunate that we did it, since our daughter lost all of her residual hearing and had to wait a month to get her CI. We would not have been able to communicate with her very well.

Best of luck!