Friday, January 11, 2008

Head X-ray Results

The pediatrician's office called and Nolan's head X-rays were normal. This greatly reduces the chance of craniosynostosis (a head CT is required for confirmation). This is good/bad news- good news because it means that we probably don't have major surgery in the near future. Bad news because it means we have no idea what is causing the frontal bossing. I guess the CT scans and the trip to the geneticist will set us on the path to find out more. I am really glad we were able to get into the geneticist so quickly. I REALLY don't handle waiting very well- when you are worried about your baby, you want to know what it is, and you want to know NOW!

Still waiting for news from the ENT on the approval/denial of the temporal CT and the scheduling dates for both the head and temporal bone CT scans...

UPDATE: The ENT's office called and insurance has approved the temporal bone CT! This means we will only have to sedate once for both scans. Buffalo Children's should call next week to set up the date for the CT scans.

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Anonymous said...

I feel for you guys and hope that you aren't waiting for answers for too much longer. I'm just so angry with our health care system. Even families with insurance are put through the wringer, making a child wait to be x-rayed is just plain ridiculous.