Tuesday, January 15, 2008

No Vacuuming Allowed!

I got to place our first call to the audiologist today for a missing part. We're only six days in and we've already lost something! Yikes. There is a little rubber strip with a filter that goes on top of the microphone section of Nolan's aids. I was adjusting his left aid and noticed it was GONE. The right one, luckily, is still in place.

I have been combing our carpet (gray, just like the little rubber strip) with no success. We went outside today, but Nolan stayed in his infant carrier, so it couldn't have been lost out there. Argh!

Luckily the audiologist just called and said she would mail me some extra covers and the tool to put one back in. Thank goodness! I really can't wait until the ear gear gets here- it will help prevent anything from popping off of the hearing aid case.


Anonymous said...

Ethan has taken his Ci off while playing in his room and I've spent the better part of a day looking for it. It's panic inducing! I hope you find it ;-)

leahlefler said...

Never did find it, but at least they are inexpensive parts! I think I'd be in a major panic attack over a lost CI!! I really hope you find it!

Karen said...

LOL come and see me when you lose a major part.

Been there, done that, several times over. :)