Monday, January 7, 2008

Pediatrician's Visit

I had Nolan's 4 month well-baby visit today. I was extemely anxious for this visit because of my concerns for the shape of his forehead. She took a look at his head and felt for the soft spots, and said that craniosynostosis is unlikely because his soft spot is still open. The "front bossing" of his forehead is more likely his natural head shape. In other words, he probably just has a funny lookin' noggin.

"If it would make you feel better," she said, "I will write an order for some films to make sure his head is OK."

Long ago I learned to trust mommy-instinct over anything (or anyone) else, and so I requested an order for head X-rays. An hour and a half later (she forgot about the order the second she left the examining room), I left the pediatrician's office with the order for X-rays.

In other news, he is 13 pounds, 10 ounces (a lightweight) and 26 inches long at four months old. Looks like he's going to be a long and lean little man!

This week is absolutely BOOKED with appointments. Hubby left for Sweden two days after we got back from California, and the car decided to break shortly after his departure. After the pediatrician's appointment, the boys and I spent several fun hours waiting in the mechanic's waiting room. Turns out the bolt holding on the right rear shock has been severed. They ordered the replacement part and it should be in by noon tomorrow. I'm taking the car back tomorrow at 1:00 to get it fixed before we go to Buffalo on Wednesday. That car better run smoothly, because I have some hearing aids to pick up!

I'll probably do the head X-rays on Thursday and then we have our first day of "school" on Friday with the speech-language pathologist. I'm looking forward to Saturday- we might have a day free of appointments by then!!!

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