Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Hearing Aids!

He has his aids!

This video is pretty bad- I was holding him and taking video at the same time. At the very end of the video the audiologist comes in and claps her hands- he looks up to the sound, which was a sound so soft he would never have noticed it before!


Landon's Mom said...

He is too cute! You can definitely tell he is hearing you. Congratulations!

MB said...

That grin is just the greatest! Glad your big day is finally here.

Megan said...

It's great when they finally hear a soft sound that they wouldn't have noticed before the aids. That's when you know, yes, they really did need the aids. He looks super cute and that's great you got it on video.

Luca started blowing raspberries today.

Also, I was visiting with our audiologist today about the batteries and she said we would probably need to change them every 2-3 weeks. So we'll have to compare notes and see how fast our batteries go.