Friday, November 30, 2007

Nolan's EI Evaluation

Evaluating a three month old is rather interesting- he is so young they just asked me a series of questions to determine where he fit into the developmental guidelines. He was at or above age level in every area but speech and language. He actually does have a 33% delay in speech and language (registered as a 1 month old) so he qualifies for EI on the basis of his diagnosis AND by delay. Once we start amplification and EI services, he should start to catch up. We'll start with a speech therapist once per month (probably- we don't get our IFSP until December 6) and increase the therapy sessions as he gets older.

They thought Matthew would probably qualify for speech services, too, so we'll definitely have him re-evaluated in January (when he is a full 2 years old). I am so glad these services exist for kids who need them- an early boost can help them succeed in later years.

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