Thursday, November 8, 2007

EI Ball Rolling

I have the Early Intervention ball rolling now, having filled out the paperwork this morning. It turns out that Buffalo Speech and Hearing (Nolan's audiologist center) can do the evaluation on him. They'll come to our home to do a full evaluation- he's only 2 months old so there aren't all that many milestones for him to hit or miss! The wrap up meeting is on December 6, so the evaluation will probably occur before Thanksgiving. Things are moving quickly.

We'll have Matthew re-evaluated in January for speech issues (unless he proves to have a hearing loss when we test at the end of the month). I'm getting anxious for Nolan's ABR at the end of this month and Matthew's hearing evaluation. I hope Nolan's ABR results come out similar to the ones we obtained in October (i.e. I hope there isn't any progression). I also hope Matthew's hearing is fine and that we're dealing with *just* a speech delay.

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