Thursday, November 15, 2007

EI Evaluation and Acronyms

We have our Early Intervention evaluation date set (the 21st of this month), so it looks like I'll have to vacuum REALLY well this week! I wouldn't want the evaluators seeing all the chewed up crayon (since Matthew would rather eat them than color with them) and stickers (another favorite snack) that get smooshed into the family room floor!

I was reading some email today and realized how many acronyms I have learned and acquired since Nolan's diagnosed hearing loss, only one short month ago! Let's see (in no particular order):

ABR (auditory brainstem response)
EI (early intervention)
IFSP (Individualized family service plan- I think)
IEP (individualized education plan)
LI (Low incidence)
HA (Hearing aids)
ENT (Ear Nose Throat, as in doctor)
CI (cochlear implants- not something we need but something we've learned about)
ASL (American Sign Language)
SEE (signing exact english)
MCE (manually coded english)
BAER (same thing as ABR- Brainstem auditory evoked response)
LVAS (Large vestibular aqueduct syndrome)
TOD (teacher of the Deaf)
SLP (Speech Language Pathologist)
OAE (Otoacoustic Emissions)

I think I have a headache now. And I haven't even mentioned the communications choices that are thrust upon a parent new to the hearing-loss world! Anyway, only one week until the EI eval, two weeks until ABR number 7, and ??? until the HA fitting.

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MB said...

At the EI evaluation they will ask you if he has done certain things yet. If you are not sure, default to NO, not YES as most parents want to do. You want him to seem behind so you can get as many services as possible! :)