Wednesday, November 7, 2007

One medical test down...

And about a bazillion more to go! We did the urinary analysis today (looking for Alport's or brachio-oto-renal syndrome, I think). The results came back perfectly clear, which is great! I felt awful for poor Nolan because they had to catheterize him to get the urine. They debated over which catheter to use- a small one or a bigger one. I mentally screamed: use the small one! The small one! They did use the small one and got a decent sample on the first try, thank goodness.

They also said I could do the EKG locally. The nurse originally told me that we'd have to go up to Buffalo Children's to do this, but luckily that wasn't accurate. I can just walk into outpatient at our local hospital and have Nolan tested. Once we get that done, we don't have any more medical procedures until the repeat ABR on the 26th. The CT scan, possible MRI, and genetics evaluation won't happen until after the new year. The ENT wants Nolan to get a little bigger before we do those evaluations. The pediatrician said they'd sedate him for the scans since he is so young and not likely to hold still for the duration of the scans.

Our EI meeting is tomorrow, then we should be free of hearing-loss related stuff for at least a few days, lol!

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