Monday, November 26, 2007

Another ABR and some progress!

We had the confirmatory ABR today (for the configuration and degree of hearing loss). The audi said everything looked about the same- I should get the official report in the mail in a few days. We scheduled the hearing aid fittings for December 18- we will get earmold impressions and decide on the hearing aid we want. With the reverse slope loss, we definitely need multichannel digital aids, so it will be a chunk of change. I have to contact the disabled children's program through Early Intervention to see if we will qualify for state aid. It's worth a shot! Otherwise we're out the money, which will be about $5000. Health insurance doesn't cover children's hearing aids. Go figure! I'm tired and not in rant mode, but it is ridiculous that a low incidence situation like congenital hearing loss isn't covered by health insurance!

The Early Intervention evaluation team also called and scheduled Nolan's evaluation for Friday. SO things are finally snapping into place for us. Matthew's hearing test is tomorrow. I seriously hope the kid is just speech delayed and not hard of hearing, because I don't think we could afford two sets of aids! Not to mention having to start the whole testing process over again, this time with a two year old. I guess we'll take things as they come! Hopefully he'll cooperate tomorrow.

UPDATE: Well, we don't qualify for state aid, so it looks like we'll be paying for this set of aids out of pocket. Argh.


Drew's Mom said...

I just found you and am starting to read...wanted to comment about the hearing aids:

I haven't seen what Nolan's level of loss is yet, but if he is severe/profound and likely a cochlear implant canidate (and that is the route you think you may go), I would NOT buy hearing aids!

We were able to find loaner aids through our EI program. Since then, Children's Hospital has even started a loaner program. It was great. We didn't have to pay for anything except the molds ($50 - and there is a warranty - if they need replaced w/in 60 days, so make sure he outgrows them in that time frame and you won't have to pay for new molds all the time). Ask around - especially other parents - about loaner programs. Sometimes audi's don't want to tell you about the program (at least we have had that happen with a couple of audi's in our area).

I am so happy that we didn't spend $5000 plus on hearing aids that Drew only wore for six months.

Looking forward to following your story...

leahlefler said...

Nolan is moderate or mild/moderate (his PTA is around 50dB to 55dB). He has a reverse-slope loss so his hearing level at 4000Hz is 30-35dB. So we're definitely in hearing aid territory- unless his loss progresses (which it could). Our audiologist was great and gave us a book on hearing aids and CI, so that we have information for now and information to tuck away in the event we need it in the future!