Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Social Security or... ARRRGHHH!

To apply for state aid through the disabled children's program, you first have to have a denial letter from Medicaid. Easy, you think? Hahahahaha!

I called the phone number to our county Social Security office FIFTY times. I am not exagerating, it was fifty times. I would get dumped into a voicemail system, where Iwould leave a message to NEVER get contacted. Or I would get put into their main voicemail system (for the employees), where I couldn't leave a message. All I wanted was a denial letter, honest! I feel for people who really need Medicaid. They'd die of whatever disease struck them before getting benefits!

I looked online to see if I could apply and get denied that way. No dice. I had a horrible feeling I was going to have to drag my two children (both under the age of two) to the main office (which is an hour away by car). While looking online, I found out there was a SS office in my main town (not the number provided to me for the county office). I tried that number. Voila!

So, after countless phone calls and frustration, I got hold of the nicest worker at social security. I just wanted a denial letter, I told her. She took some basic information and the denial letter is in the mail. Yes! I never thought I would be so happy to be denied something, lol.

Next step: Contacting the disabled children's program and our insurance company (for a denial from the insurance company and hopefully some assistance from the program).

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