Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I never thought I'd be buying "accessories" for my son. Now that we're at the point of actually getting hearing aids, strange questions begin to enter my mind. Like the rain. Water is not good for hearing aids. We live in an area that is usually raining or snowing, and when it isn't doing one of those it is HUMID! Panic set in! Thank goodness for the listserv at The wonderful parents there assured me that a hat and/or a hoodie is usually enough to keep light rain from causing harm to those expensive little hearing aids!

I'm thinking of buying some baby ear gear They come in all sorts of neat colors and help keep everything dry, clean, and together. Just in case Nolan decides to eat his aids, for instance.

Then there are the acclaimed pilot caps from Hanna Anderson. I first saw these on Mari's blog .

And what if those blessed aids get wet? Well, there is the Dry And Store which will dry them out and usually restore function. From what I've heard, they also work to restore function to remote controls and other electronics inadvertantly doused with water!

I'll have to see what comes with our hearing aids, but I am definitely buying some pilot caps at the very least. I have a feeling Hanna Anderson had no idea that hordes of hearing-aid wearing kids would be buying her hats!

And thanks to Mari's mom for telling me how to link items in a post! LOL.


MB said...

We have the dry and store box. It's great but I don't think I could fit a remote in it. My cell phone though, definitely. I will have to remember that!

The ear gear I will get for her when she's older. Right now she pulls the mold and tone hook and tubing out and tries to eat them piece by piece. (Eeew!) I don't think that would help with that, though I do like that it keeps the aid - the actual expensive part - out of her mouth!

MB said...

PS To link as you are writing your post, highlight the word you want linked, then click on the little paperclippy looking icon. A little box will pop up and you put the website address in the box.

leahlefler said...

Thanks! Maybe I'll hold off on "ear gear" until he's older. I love everyone's blogs because they are of GREAT help in figuring out what works and doesn't work BEFORE I go out and spend all our money, lol.

Loudest Mom on the Block said...


Hope you don't mind I popped over- I saw a link on another blog :) I thought it was so funny you mentioned 'accessories' for your children. I used to think of accessories as earrings, or a great bracelet, or handbag- Now accessories are extra batteries, dry aid kits, and things that will help the kids hear better on the phone! Just thought I'd let you know that you are not alone :)

-Melissa (mom to 4 HOH kids)

leahlefler said...

Thanks, Melissa! As soon as we suspected Nolan's hearing loss I started looking up things on the internet. The most helpful were the blogs put up by other parents! I found Erin's and Marielle's blogs first, and they were a great comfort (and still are since we are new to this whole world)!