Sunday, November 25, 2007

Christmas Shopping

Poor Nolan, having arrived only 20 months after his big brother, doesn't really NEED any toys for Christmas. We have several infant toys left over from Matthew, including various Roll-a-Rounds and squishy blocks. With Nolan's hearing loss, I thought about getting some toys that would be visually interesting that also have an auditory component. I found the "Wave Drum" by Edushape that has a clear panel and beads that dance when the drum is sounded. Target sells this one, so I picked it up for Christmas. I also saw a rainmaker (with colorful beads) that I might pick up. Of course, he is also getting more traditional baby toys, but I might as well pick up ones that are going to be helpful to his specific needs as long as I am out shopping!

I also found some educational supply stores-

There is also a catalog by Toys R Us that promotes toys for kids who need extra help in specific developmental areas. I'll have to look up the link for that one.

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MB said...

We love Lakeshore learning. All of her teacher's toys come from Lakeshore. I haven't ordered anything yet but I sit and drool over the catalog.