Monday, February 27, 2012

One Week

Love his little face!

We're only a week away from Nolan's surgery. There is so much to plan for, since we'll be away from home for two weeks. I wrote Nolan's teacher a note today to explain his absence, and information on the type of surgery he is having performed (the Nissen Fundoplication). I found a simple explanation online - I love finding documents in "plain English." I'm pulling him out of school starting Thursday, which gives him six full days before his surgery - this should keep him from getting a nasty virus immediately before surgery.

We're also cramming in his therapy sessions this week (4 speech therapy sessions in as many days) and wrapping things up on all the other fronts - he is done with tennis for the year, and probably won't have speech or visits with his TOD until the end of March, at the earliest (in reality, he'll probably be home until after Spring Break, just to let him heal completely).

Dennis's mom is coming out to take care of Matt during the two week time-frame that we'll be in the hospital up in Rochester. I need to go to the school tomorrow and add her to the emergency list, and I have a list written for Matt's wonky rotating "specials" days at school (show and tell and library are on rotating days).

I'm trying to figure out what Nolan will need for the hospital stay. From talking to other parents who have been there/done that (BTDT), bringing a blanket or two from home is a good idea. The BTDT mothers also recommended bringing 2 piece pajamas that button down the front so he isn't stuck in a hospital gown the entire time.

I'm also bringing the DVD player, the tablet computer, and other things that will help distract the little guy. I sincerely hope we'll only be in the hospital for 5 days (the short end of the time span) rather than 10 days (the longer end of the time span).


Terena said...

a portable DVD player really helped Queen Teen in the hospital, and a stack of her favorite movies. She also brought two favorite dolls to play with, and enough coloring books to fill a medium sized pre-school. Her own PJ's helped a lot, and I bought her some new, frilly princess ones to help with being bedridden for so long. But mostly it just took time and lots of love from Mom to help her through, something I know you have lots to give.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Tate was older, but was in the hospital nine days with appendicitis :o( Lots of days he was just too sick to do anything but watch TV/vids, which our hospital had (a small library of kids movies). They also had several large game units (nintendo or something) that were shared on the peds floor. People brought gifts of things to do, which was sweet, but he just didn't feel like doing much - don't know how that might play out with Nolan. What Tate really liked was me reading aloud to him, so I brought books from home.

He did enjoy having his room "decorated" with cards, balloons, original artwork (from his brothers, mostly), etc.

We had a small game or two, small enough to be played on one of those little hospital tables that rolls over the bed... very calm games.

Keep us posted, Leah. We'll be praying for you :D


rouchi said...

Yes, it is a task listing out every little thing and making sure you have everything going while he is at the hospital. But the mom you are, am sure you would have it all planned out and do the best possible for all of you. Keeping fingers crossed, Nolan stay healthy please !!

Julia said...

Wow, just a week to go. Intense. I'll be thinking about all of you over the next few weeks, and looking for any updates you can supply. Lots of hugs to Nolan. Is there an address where we can send a get well card? E-mail me or message me on FB.

Bill and Shelly said...

Will add you all to my prayer list. Hope all goes well and that he is only in the hospital 5 days. It is so tough when they are so little. With all of Allison's surgeries, she never had to stay overnight, for which we ar thankful.
Give him lots and lots of hugs, sometimes Mommy is the only thing that will help.

Kyla said...

This is a list of what we brought to the hospital for a stay when she was a bit younger ( I remember the foam stickers were great as we could stick them to sheets and pillowcases and move them around. And here are some fun little games we have played in the past when stuck at the hospital (