Friday, March 2, 2012

Hanging Out at Home

Wednesday was Nolan's last day of school. Yesterday he had a speech therapy session at home and a visit from his Teacher of the Deaf, but otherwise he hung out in his pajamas and watched cartoons. He has also been helping me bake a few things, which he loves.

My attempt at keeping him entirely well before surgery has failed - he woke up yesterday with a nasty wet cough. Fortunately he seems well in every other way - hard to tell if he has a virus or he just aspirated reflux, causing a small lung infection. He does that occasionally, and he's been particularly refluxy lately. Lots of hiccups, coughs, and choking when he drinks.

If the weather holds this morning, I am going to take him outside for some fresh air, because I think it would do him some good. We don't have many plans for today, which is a relief. The weekend is going to be very, very busy - Matthew has a piano lesson and his final hockey game of the season tomorrow, followed by an award ceremony. He loves hockey, he really does, but I have to say I am glad for the end of the hockey season with everything else going on this month!

Matt is the skater out in front.

Nolan has an ENT appointment on Monday - I would have canceled it, but we are going up to the airport to pick up Dennis's mom, anyway. Besides, if we go to the ENT now, we won't have to return for three more months - which means I won't have to drive Nolan to Buffalo among the many trips to Rochester for GI follow ups.

We have started talking about going to Rochester and staying at the hospital with Nolan. He still doesn't know any specifics, but he is quite aware that something is going on with Grandma coming and his staying home from school. I simply told him that we are going to the hospital and the doctor will fix his reflux. He's not very happy about going to the hospital - he has a lot of experience with hospitals since this will be his eleventh procedure/surgery under general anesthesia. We're not telling him about the g-tube until closer to the actual event, since it would only upset him and the surgery is still 5 days away.


rouchi said...

Oh Dear, Really hope his cough is away soon and he s fit for the surgery, would pray for him.Even my husband has said the same and we really wish that this surgery takes care of him and he is healthy. It is stressing to go through a surgery and am sure Nolan being that smart would soon see what is in store for him. Just sending you all strong positive vibes to tide over the happenings of the few days that follow.Take care.

Kyla said...

I really hope Nolan adjusts to the g-button well. KayTar genuinely loves hers and it has made life so much better for her. Kids are more resilient and better at adjusting than we think. If you want me to get a video with KayTar explaining how awesome her button is, I totally will!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Keeping you in my prayers, Leah. Being a parent is a tough job. And you're doing great :D


xraevision said...

Leah, I was racked with anxiety in the week leading up to X's surgery, mostly due to his reflux, which, as you know, can make our kids sound really sick when they may not actually be. And X has a very loud, dry, barky cough as a result of his esophagus and trachea repair. I was worried that we would have to explain and convince every single nurse and doctor along the way that it was safe to go ahead, but the staff at our huge children's hospital have seen everything and understood X's situation.

There were SO many things I worried about, especially X's reaction to all things post-op, but it was all for nothing. It's been a relatively smooth experience and I wish for you the same. I am thinking about you in these last few days before Nolan's surgery and hope you're hanging in there!