Sunday, February 5, 2012

Records and Registrations

Nolan's registration paperwork came in the mail on Friday, so I filled out the insurance information, signed on the dotted line, and sent the form back to Golisano Children's. We also received our insurance approval for an inpatient stay on Friday, so that was quite the relief. No fighting on that front, at least!

 I feel rather unsettled about Nolan's pathology report from two years ago. That is one of the only medical records I don't have in my possession, and I never worried about it at the time because he had reflux, and that was what the pathology report would have been looking for (evidence of reflux inflammation in the esophagus). I sent in a request to Nolan's former GI doctor on Saturday, requesting a copy of that pathology report. I want to be able to understand the "cellular changes" and what they mean, so I can ask the GI team in Rochester better questions.

 Nolan's ear looks pretty clear, though I've kept his hearing aid out in his right ear. I'll try putting his aid in again tomorrow morning, and hope for the best. He's really tired today and fell asleep on our way home from Erie, PA - Matt's been a little sick so hopefully Nolan won't come down with it!

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