Thursday, February 2, 2012

Getting Better

Nolan is a few days into his oral antibiotic/Ciprodex ear drops, and his ear has stopped leaking. I'm keeping his right hearing aid out until we're done with the antibiotics, so he's still a bit compromised with regard to hearing. It is amazing how much losing all hearing in one ear does, even when the other ear is aided. He really struggles and often asks for us to repeat things.

Last night, I read a story to the boys, and Nolan sat to my left. He shook his head after a few minutes, then climbed over me so he could sit to my right. It took me a minute to figure out what was going on, but then I realized his "deaf" ear was closest to me when he sits on my left. At least he's figuring out how to accommodate for it!

Our weather has turned "warm" again, hanging out between 32-45 degrees, depending on the day. That's 0-7C, for the rest of the world. Very, very warm for Western NY in the winter. Since Matt was kept home from school for a couple of days, he enjoyed riding his bike and playing outside. Unfortunately, the snow has disappeared, so the sledding has come to an early end.

Matt's mystery rash has also started to disappear, and he isn't itchy anymore. I sent him off to school this morning, and he was more than happy to go. Hanging around the house all day isn't much fun for him, especially when his brother is gone and Mommy is stingy with the cartoons!


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Glad they're both on the mend.

I kind of giggled at Nolan moving to your other side. I've gotten so used to Tate being on my left that nearly any time I want to talk with any of the boys I position that boy on my left. It's become automatic.

Hope the ear clears up soon and he's back to better hearing.


rouchi said...

So true, the kids have such a hard time listening with one ear, specially if they are dependent on hearing alone. I remember my time with Prisha when she wore only 1 aid the whole ear thanks to the ear infection. Hope his ear gets better and Nolan starts on 2 aids.
I am hoping it snows here, love it. The temp here is - 8 deg C now.Cold wave !!

dlefler said...

I love the fact that he compensates so easily. He got 100% accuracy on his listening skills this quarter, with words differing by only one vowel (tip/tap/top), and he had only scored at 70% last quarter. Awesome improvement, especially considering the fluctuating nature of chronic ear infections!