Thursday, February 16, 2012

Random Catch Up

We've had a nice, quiet week. Well, nice and quiet except for Valentine's Day, which has somehow morphed into Second Halloween. Cards and an insane amount of candy came home with each boy this week - we had the "Candy Fairy" come and steal some to reduce the overall stash.

I love going into the boys' school. Their teachers are awesome. Our school is awesome. Did I mention that they get art, music, library, and gym on a regular basis? Also, there is a swimming pool in the elementary school. When I was a student in Southern California, our schools were lucky to have books, much less a swimming pool.

Nolan's teachers made an igloo out of milk jugs as part of their learning unit - the kids can go inside of the igloo and read books. It is a pretty impressive structure - Nolan can actually stand up inside of it! His teacher also just sent home a CD of all the songs they've been singing in the class this year. Did I mention how awesome she is?

Otherwise, we're just in the "waiting period" before the big surgery - which has a low level of stress associated with an exercise known as "Keep Nolan Healthy." We don't want to have to reschedule surgery, since we have no family in the area. With family flying in to help take care of Matt during the scheduled surgery time, we really need to keep everything on track. Avoiding colds is paramount, particularly since a Nolan Cold takes approximately 2 months to get rid of.

Here's to a healthy 2 1/2 weeks ahead!


-Cam said...

There really is something to be said for living in a smaller, out of the way place. Our kids also get art, music, library, and gym each week. Sometimes they have computer time and in older grades (but still elementary school) the music turns to choir performances and they add opportunities for science and service learning. The teachers know the parents and communicate regularly by email. If I have a question I send an email and they type back by the end of the day. We also have tons of free stuff to do in the summer like bowling, movies, and splash pads. Yes, free!

Glad you're finally having a good, simple week. Fingers crossed for keeping Nolan healthy for 2.5 more weeks!

Kyla said...

We kept KayTar home the week before surgery, so she wouldn't catch anything. Made for a bummer of a Halloween, but it was worth it!

xraevision said...

Our kids and their colds! We, too, are attempting to keep X healthy for the next two weeks, prior to his surgery. After all of the waiting, it would be terrible to have to postpone.

X and I were in our family doctor's office two days ago and noticed a fundoplication poster on her wall. Really, of all the possible medical procedures!

Glad you're having a quiet week. Hope it continues that way until the big day!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Get out... a pool at school? That's unheard of out here! Amazing! And I love the igloo.

Praying for Nolan to stay healthy. (good thing he can't catch what I have through the internets.)


rouchi said...

Keeping fingers crossed that Nolan is healthy and mum is in good spirits too. Need that specially when you little one is going to go through a surgery !

The igloo looks colorful and it is a great idea!!

Christian and Lily's Mommy said...

You are so right...has has turned into a second Halloween! I love how you had the candy fair come!