Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sleep Neurologist Follow Up

Feeling puny, but lollipops are always good.

Nolan hasn't been feeling so wonderful lately - not really "sick," but running a low grade temperature and he has had a headache all day today. Thank goodness for children's tylenol!

He had a routine sleep neurologist appointment in Fredonia, so we made the little jaunt to the doctor's office, paid our $40 copay, and were told to continue C-Pap therapy and we'll see them again in six months.

The sleep neurologist also told us that we must take his C-Pap machine to the hospital with us to ensure there are no problems with the machine and the fundoplication (since the swallowed air might become trapped and create issues). This is one of the big reasons Nolan is having a Mic-Key button placed at the time of surgery - any trapped air can be vented if it becomes a problem.

Nolan did get weighed (34 pounds) and measured (41 inches) before we left. His next appointment will be in late August, just after his fifth birthday.

I was glad to hit the road and head toward home, particularly since a nice little snowstorm cropped up on Route 60.

Relieved to be home and out of the snow.

With the funky weather and the viruses running rampant through the schools, I may keep Nolan home for the second half of next week, just to keep him from getting ill before surgery.

Thank goodness Spring is only a month away!


TheSweetOne said...

When exactly is Nolan's surgery?

Kyla said...

Glad it went well...good luck staying healthy for surgery!

dlefler said...

March 7 - about 2 weeks away. Actually, EXACTLY 2 weeks away.

Terena said...

sending you big, warm, happy, HEALTHY thoughts. He'll do great.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I think I'd do the same (keep him home). Praying for health and a successful surgery,


rouchi said...

Wishing you good luck and stay healthy Nolan !!Eat well and gain strength too !!

xraevision said...

X is slowly getting over an ear infection and a terrible cold. We're pumping him full of meds to get him well before his surgery. I may also be keeping him home from school before his big day! I've got Nolan's surgery marked on my calendar.