Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Echo/EKG Appointment (Buffalo: Round 1)

It was pouring rain with a high wind advisory this morning. The 2 hour drive to Buffalo is tougher when the weather is bad- at least we didn't have lake effect snow. There were accidents all over I-90, including a car that was upside down and "crunched." I am VERY glad to be home and off the roads!

The pediatric cardiologist's office has the best playroom/waiting room of any specialist we've seen so far. The toys were in pristine condition, clean, and there were a LOT of them. They took Nolan back to get his height/weight and to do the EKG portion of the exam. He's had an EKG before, and it was normal- this test only takes a minute or two. The worst part is pulling off the 12 leads: Matt volunteered to help in this venture, but Nolan declined. It seems he doesn't really trust Big Brother to be very gentle!

The echocardiogram took a while longer. The full scan took about 40 minutes, but the boys were kept entertained with the flat-screen TV playing Dora the Explorer. The technician was really nice, and liberal with the lollipops. We hold all doctors who hand out candy with high regard.

While the technician can't tell us anything, there were no audible gasps or sounds of surprise while she was doing the scan. I am assuming all is normal with his heart: we'll get the official report on Thursday or Friday when we return to the ENT's office.

Tomorrow is a day of normalcy: preschool, speech therapy, and ice hockey. And possibly some Christmas shopping, since I am using present-wrapping as a form of stress relief!


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Glad you're safely home and your day went smoothly :D


Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

That drive sounds horrible! Glad you made it through safely and hurray for the lollipops!

rouchi said...

Its the same her in Germany, loads of accidents.Good to hear Nolan's tests seem alright.And he looking great in the picture!