Wednesday, November 3, 2010

GI vs. ENT: We Have a Winner!

I waited patiently throughout the day Tuesday, knowing that the turf war between the GI and ENT doctors was occurring. While I wasn't there to observe it, I assume the interaction looked something like this:

Before I could call the GI's office to find out which doctor was victorious in the epic Nolan Reflux Care battle, my phone rang. It was the ENT's office, proclaiming victory.

When we visit the ENT on November 15, we will discuss his laryngomalacia and the benefits/risks of the supraglottoplasty surgery. Then the ENT will place a pH probe in the office.

This will be quite a bit different from the last experience. Last time, Nolan was sedated for an endoscopy while they placed the pH probe, so he doesn't remember the traumatic experience. This time, he will be fully awake when they place the probe. It will be done in the doctor's office, and then we will take him home (as opposed to being in the hospital). This will be difficult, since three year old children are liable to pull the pH probe out- thus ruining the study. The ENT's office assured me they would set us up with arm restraints before we go home. Oh, goody.

On the plus side, Nolan won't have to undergo sedation (dangerous for children with central apnea). The ENT will be taking over most of his care, which will consolidate the number of doctors we see. There is the hope, however faint, that the ENT will come up with a comprehensive diagnosis for the little guy.

Unfortunately, November 15 is going to be a Very Sucky Day. Traumatic for Nolan, and stressful for us as we monitor him to keep him from pulling out the pH probe. I will drive back up to the ENT on November 16th to have the pH probe removed. We will receive the data a couple of weeks after that, and will know if his reflux is controlled enough to proceed with the supraglottoplasty.

Keep us in your thoughts- I'm not looking forward to this one!


Julia said...

Oh, that sounds dreadful! I'm sure Nolan isn't going to like this one bit. Sounds like experience books, role-playing with stuffed animals, and perhaps some outright bribery are called for. This too shall pass, this too shall pass....

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

That sounds tremendously sucky. Hopefully you can get it done and over with in one day.

May the force be with you!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Sucky in the extreme. But good news - at least - that you still have Nolan's champion leading the team :D


rouchi said...

This is really terrible.wishing you all the very best and keeping you in our thoughts.take care.

Terena said...

ugh.... that sounds awful for you all. Hang in there, Mama.