Thursday, February 28, 2008

SOMEONE won't take a nap today!

I won't say WHO...

Anyway, I can't believe the little guy is six months old. SIX months! Where does time go?

I bought him a new "critter clip" to keep his hearing aids from falling off at random intervals. Nolan thinks they make a tasty snack, and his brother thinks they're fun to play with. Most hearing aid clips are sort of "blah," but this company makes really cute ones!

This one, by the way, is called "dogzilla."


Loudest Mom said...

Dogzilla is pretty cute, as is a certain non-napping baby-LOL! We had one that looked like a whale for the boys :)

Karen said...

Cute! Both the kiddo and the clips!

Megan said...

Cute. We haven't used those too much, but I did pick up a clip at the audiologist the other day. I figure ones Luca gets more mobile and we're outside, there are more places they could fall off.

We just got new mold the other day and I'm so glad. Although I'm going to call the audiologist tomorrow b/c I wonder if the hole is too small. It's a never ending story.

How are things going with your older son? He looks like such a cutie.