Friday, February 22, 2008

Maybe a Ma?

Nolan was crying last night, and I swear I heard a "Maaaa!" in the cry. The beginning of babble? We shall see!

In the meantime, he gets to chew on his super-yummy flavored tongue depressors, the ultimate reward for him in speech therapy. Nothing can get him to open his mouth in an "aahhh" shape like holding up a piece of cherry flavored wood! Now we just need to get some voluntary sound out of him. He often won't verbalize at all during therapy, and saves his squeals and "AAAAHHH" noises for an hour in which the rest of us would like to be in bed. Kids are strange, strange creatures!


Loudest Mom said...

I swear, getting good earmolds is the trickiest thing (especially when they are still little bitty). Trey has the same ear molds (blue and white swirls) :) My kids all used to do that as well- quiet during therapy, and they'd babble away at other times. He is too cute!

leahlefler said...

I can't wait until the whole earmold thing slows down! On the other hand, more earmolds can mean more fun. I may go with green-and-white swirls for Patrick's Day!

Thanks for saying he's cute! I think he is adorable, but I'm really biased, lol. This age is a lot of fun!