Monday, March 3, 2008

The Miracle of Speech Therapy

I truly love speech therapy. Matthew has been showing some improvement already, which is thrilling to this mama! He has added "car" and "two" to his very short list of spoken words. He uses both of them spontaneously, and uses them to communicate (instead of just imitating the word). He doesn't know the exact meaning of the word "two," but knows it is more than one! When given a cookie, he'll always say, "two, two!" in the hope of getting as many cookies as possible.

Nolan isn't babbling with consonants yet, but this isn't really delayed even for a baby with normal hearing. The range for babbling with consonants is 6-9 months, so we're keeping a sharp eye out for hearing that first "mama" or "dada" or "baba." He is taking turns with making sound, imitating an open mouth, and making lots of "aaaahh" noises. He's localizing to sound and I'm a little anxious for that first booth test (not yet scheduled).

The boys are starting to interact, which makes getting a good picture of the two of them very difficult. One takes a lot of silly faces, and the other takes bribery. For those of you with even basic ASL knowledge, take a guess at what I bribed Matthew with (I know, I know- bad mother of the year award):

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