Saturday, February 2, 2008

Going For Our 4th Set of Earmolds!

We went to pick up Nolan's next set of earmolds, and they didn't fit. Not too small this time, but too big! I think the earmold company mis-cast them, or the impressions weren't quite right. The ear canal section on the molds was HUGE. Our most excellent audiologist pared them down with a scalpel (I told her she should have become a surgeon- she said she can't stand blood, lol).

She also called the earmold company to tell them they needed to get re-made. We will have new earmolds next week- our fourth set in 2 months! In the mean time, we'll make due with the chiseled earmolds. She also bumped his hearing aids up to full volume (I thought she had done that last time). He's up and running now- doesn't seem to mind the volume increase at all. I did have the computer speakers on, though, and the music from Jodi's blog made him jump and cry! I have to remember to turn those speakers down!

Now we're just waiting for him to get old enough to get behavioral test readings. Hopefully by the time he hits six or seven months we'll get him in a booth. The other thing I'm waiting for is the start of babble. Babies with normal hearing start babbling by around six months, so I'm eagerly watching and waiting. Come on, Nolan- give us a "dada!" Or, more preferably, a "mama!"

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Megan said...

That's too bad with the ear molds! We go in 2 weeks for our second pair (the first ones we had taken mid. Nov.), so these lasted us a while. I always nurse Luca so he doesn't move when getting the impressions.

Love the hat!