Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Setting Earmold Records!

I picked up Nolan's 5th set of earmolds on Tuesday. I have a feeling Emtech (earmold company) is regretting their re-make policy by now! The wings are gone, but now there is a gap between the mold and the side of his ear. Darn! We'll be going back on the 29th for new impressions- earmold set number six. Hopefully we'll get a better set this time! In the meantime, I'm having some trouble keeping his aids in (especially the left one). Thank goodness for pilot caps.
The weather was rather miserable (in the teens with high winds), so I didn't venture over to the hospital for the genetics bloodwork. Instead, I will do it the morning of the 27th, since I have to go up for an ENT clinic on that day. Nolan has had fluid in his ears since January 9th (at least) and has had one infection. Hopefully the infection is gone (I'm pretty sure it is) and I hope the fluid is, too!

So the remaining schedule for this week and next is:

Today (the 20th): Speech Therapy and playgroup (I didn't make playgroup)!
Thursday (21st): Pediatrician appointment (check ears) and MOPS
Friday (22nd): Speech Therapy
The weekend: Absolutely NO appointments! Yay!
Monday the 25th: Speech Therapy and EI wrap-up meeting to put Matthew's IFSP into place.
Wednesday the 27th: ENT appointment and genetics bloodwork
Friday the 29th: Earmolds!


Anonymous said...

We also have a whacky schedule these days. Your attitude about the earmolds is so healthy, I'd be complaining up a storm I'm afraid. He's so cute in the blue swirls!

And to answer your question, signing time videos (specifically the alphabet) are what initially hooked Ethan on signing the alphabet. Since then we have found a sign language alphabet puzzle and a handful of books. He also has a couple of V-Tech toys that are centered on phonics and the ABC's that he loves, and the Baby Einstein company has adorable little alphabet books that are his favorite. Sesame street used to be boring until he realized they were centered around letters and numbers. Now he is hooked on that and it's part of his routine.

I think you really are setting earmold records by the way!

Christian's Mommy said...

I promise there will be a week when you won't have all these doctor appointments! It tooks us a couple of months post diagnosis :)

You're doing great!

leahlefler said...

I really can't wait until the doctor appointments slow down- I'm looking forward to the summer because I think we'll be able to relax more by then!

The earmold thing has been a tad funny in a way- the third set had wings, so we had them re-made (still had wings). We took new impressions and our audi told the company to get rid of the wings, but then they cut them down too much. So now they're too small! Luckily Nolan's moderate loss means no feedback from the small molds, so it isn't too big of a deal. Except for the falling-out part!

I'm definitely going to get some letter toys and books for Matthew. He loves letters now, though he only knows a few of them.