Wednesday, February 27, 2008

March Doesn't Look Any Better Than February...

I was really, really hoping that the doctor appointments would slow down once we hit early March (I only had Nolan's CT scan and six month well-baby visit scheduled). I should have known better!

I went to the ENT today and she checked Nolan's ears for fluid. Apparently, my mantra of "fluid be gone" did no good and he has fluid in his left ear. Since he's had fluid in at least one of his ears since January 9th, and one ear infection to boot, the ENT scheduled same-day surgery on March 27th to place PE tubes. We'll go in on the 26th of March, and if by some great and wonderful miracle the fluid is gone, we'll cancel the surgery. If not, we proceed.

The one thing that makes my mommy-freak-o-meter begin to ring is the fact that Nolan will be sedated twice in a short period of time: once on March 18th for the CT scan and again on March 27th for the PE tubes.

I also had the genetics bloodwork done today- they are testing exactly what I thought they would be testing (thank you, Dr. Google) and his blood has been sent to Boston University for Connexin 26 testing, Connexin 30 testing, and the mitochondrial A1555G mutation testing. It will take 4-6 weeks to get results back, so we should know by about the time Nolan has his tubes placed.

One thing the receptionist at the ENT mentioned was that the guys doing the CT should give us a CD of images, and to bring that to the pre-op appointment on March 26th. Don't think I'm not burning us a copy of that bad boy! Nolan's medical file is beginning to take over the better part of a file cabinet drawer!

The schedule as it now stands:

February 29: Earmold impressions
First week of March: Pick up earmolds
March 7: Nolan's 6 month well-baby check
March 18: CT Scan (sedated)
March 26: ENT appointment
March 27: PE tube placement (sedated)

Maybe April will be a nice, quiet month...

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Anonymous said...

Your schedule sounds really familiar. We've been doctoring so regularly for so long that it feels "normal" to me now!

Ethan had the ear tube surgery in December, he'd never had a tymp that wasn't flat. I know how you are feeling about the's too bad they couldn't do both procedures on the same day. In Ethan's case they didn't even place an iv or breathing tube for the procedure as it only took 10 minutes.