Monday, February 25, 2008

We've Got Goals, Baby!

I had my IFSP meeting for Matthew, and we put goals into place for the next six months. His official diagnosis is a severe articulation disorder with a moderate receptive/expressive language delay. His receptive delay is mild, and probably registered poorly because he was not in the mood to cooperate with the examiner. He didn't show an understanding of pronouns or the correct use for objects (he fed the bear with a spoon in a cup- unfortunately I always use a spoon in my coffee mug and he imitated this. Oops!). His expressive was moderate, his pragmatic use of language was severe, and his articulation was severe. That's the bad news.

The good news? He gets speech therapy, twice per week! His goals for the next six months are:

  • Increase core vocabulary

  • Demonstrate understanding of pronounds and simple descriptive concepts

  • Imitate words

  • Produce consonant-vowel combinations

  • Decrease frustration when not understood

  • Increase amount of signs to match receptive language

  • Add consonants to vocabulary

  • Increase word approximation consistency

  • Increase word clarity

The simple idea of my 2+ year old being able to imitate words has me all a-twitter. I know it is a process, but I really can't wait until he calls me "mama." I've been waiting a long time.


Anonymous said...

Aww, I feel for you. My heart aches to hear "mama" too. Ethan will be evaluated next month by a specialist in apraxia. I have a feeling we'll get an official diagnosis at that time. I hope so, I would like to see it on his IFSP so we can get the services he needs in preschool.

Did I tell you about the book called The Late Talker? I have it and it's great, I can't say much about it though as it is taking me forever to read it. There's loads of info about apraxia though.

leahlefler said...

It's one I have to get! I haven't gotten it yet, but will soon. It's been so crazy around here that I haven't been doing much reading (except for those books with the cardboard pages, lol)!

I'm sure the medical appointments will slow down soon- at least I hope they do!!!