Monday, March 26, 2012

Post-Op Appointment

Nolan is absolutely fabulous. He has no signs of reflux, and other than that one awful retching event, he's been great over the past week. He had a post-operative appointment today, and other than having lost a small amount of weight, he looks perfect. The tiny incisions have mostly healed, his g-tube site looks beautiful, and he  is otherwise glowing.

Literally, he is glowing. His face has gained a color that we haven't seen in a long, long time. His cheeks are quite rosy.

And yes, his glasses are missing in these pictures. In one picture it was raining (hence the lack of hearing aids and glasses) and in the other, his ears were a little sore so we forewent the glasses for a day.

His current stats (with accurate, shoes-off measuring) are:

Weight: 33 pounds
Height: 40.5" tall

We are having to vent him more frequently than in the beginning. This is actually a good sign, though, as it means the wrap is firmly in place. I usually have to vent him once each evening, though today I had to vent him three times! He was full of hot air today (both literally and figuratively)!

We will return to the surgeon in 4 months for another check-up and tube change (the balloons on the mic-key buttons tend to wear out with time, so we'll be given a new button at the next appointment).

I'd really like to start weaning him from the anti-reflux medications, but that process will have to be taken carefully. Even with a fundoplication, some kids still require medication (though in lower doses). These medications have to be weaned because the stomach goes on a crazy acid-producing stint if they are pulled suddenly. I'll discuss the medication wean with his ENT at his next appointment, which will be in the summertime.

We have NO doctor appointments in April. None.

Please excuse me while I go and do the happy dance!


Liz said...

So happy for both you and Nolan! He is so adorable!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Hurray! He looks adorable (as usual) AND healthy!

Three cheers,


TheSweetOne said...


Drew's Mom said...

Fantastic News!!! Enjoy a month free of apointments. How wonderful!

Julia said...

I can only imagine the healing and growth that his body must be luxuriating in now that it's not constantly awash in acid. His various tissues are probably saying, "Oh, so *this* is what it's supposed to be like! Ahhhhhhhh."

Kyla said...

I'm so glad he's thriving! :) It is wonderful to be able to look back on a procedure and think "Yeah, totally worth it."

No appointments?! April is nutty for us right out of the gate. Pulm on Monday, Mito and Genetics both on Tuesday, well check the next week, and GI the next week! We may have to put a neuro appointment in there, too, because she had another "dream" episode and I'm hoping for a seating clinic appointment soon, too!