Thursday, March 15, 2012


Nolan has been doing wonderfully. Really, I wouldn't have guessed that the child would be out riding his bike a week after surgery - it is incredible.

Still, we have had some hiccups in the road (literally). Last night, he was very uncomfortable and told me, "They came back in my belly!"

What came back in your belly, Nolan?

"The reflux! I don't feel good. I need my Zantac!"

He also had those gaggy coughs that accompany reflux. Time to hit the Mommy panic button! His belly was fairly bloated, so I figured he was filled with food and maybe the pressure was forcing things through the wrap, causing reflux despite the Nissen.

This morning he seemed fine, and ate at a slower pace than yesterday. At dinner, however, he was very bloated and extremely uncomfortable. I figured I would try venting him for the first time.

I laid him down on the couch, attached the extension set and syringe, and...


It was literally like letting the air out of a balloon, sound effects and all.

After I vented him, he felt much better. He's still slightly bloated, but is not nearly as uncomfortable.

Tummy still slightly bloated after venting (it is normally flat)

I am so, SO glad we had the Mic-Key placed at the same time as the fundoplication. We can keep him from feeling miserable by simply "popping" the valve for some pressure relief!


TheSweetOne said...

I'm so glad this is working for you and Nolan! Sometimes wish we had a vent for Lauren's gassy tummy! :) really glad to see him up to the usual boy stuff!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh, sweet boy! Sorry about the bloating. (There have been times I would have loved to be able to vent like that ;D )

Isn't that curious that he said THEY came back (in his belly). I wonder if he 'hears' reflux like it's a plural - reflucks??? (One refluck, two reflucks... I'm trying to watch my spelling *ahem*.) Maybe he thinks of the "reflucks" as things that are hurting him.

Or maybe my imagination is going overboard, late at night.

At any rate, so good to see him up and about and doing regular things, like riding his bike :D


dlefler said...

Julie, he does think of "them" in the plural, I think. I never thought about it before, but he always refers to them in the plural, as if they were little creatures wreaking havoc in his body.

I don't know what we would have done without that button. He was actually retching this morning - as soon as we vented, eh was fine. He actually managed to vomit a little bit, which is a bad thing. Without the button, that retching episode could have lasted forever!

rouchi said...

His tummy really looks bloated ! And am happy to hear that he is already on his bike, something get his mind off all that is happening with this reflux.

Breakaway_Lisa said...

Hello! I have just been "googling" mic-key and have stumbled across beautiful Nolan! My son Jayton 7, has one and we are in Western Australia! I am in love with these beautiful "dressings" you are using! Did you make them yourself? I would love to know more please!!! Lisa xxoo

dlefler said...

Hi Lisa! The pad under his mic-key is a "button buddy." There are several moms that make them and sell them on etsy or other sites. We don't always use them, but they do help keep drainage away and keep it clean. I also like a company called "tubie whoobies" - they make really cute ones: