Thursday, March 8, 2012

Long Night

Nolan had a hard time getting to sleep lt night. He finally nodded off at ten o'clock. He got
another dose of morphine halfway through the night. He has been watching movies for thmost part - he loves the controller-volume-speaker device, because he can hold it right up to his hearing aids.

He woke at six this morning, and is watching Mars Needs Moms on the hospital TV. Word on the street is that we're moving out of the icu today and onto the general floor. He might even get to try a popsicle later today.


TheSweetOne said...

sorry it was a long night. We'll be thinking about you. Praying things heal quickly. love and hugs

Kyla said...

More prayers for you guys today! I know you said today might be the toughest, so I'm praying for peace and strength for both of you!

rouchi said...

After any surgery the days of recovery seem long and tough. Wishing him quick recovery, more sleep and hope he enjoys his popsicle soon !!