Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Getting Ready to Go

Saturday Night: Too Much Excitement

We had a crazy weekend. I went to a training session for parent members of the special education committee (a volunteer position) and then came home just in time to run off to the ice arena. Matthew played his final hockey game of the Timbit season, had an award ceremony, then we went out for pizza. As it turns out, this was the second meal of pizza he had had that day (hint: foreshadowing).

We returned to the rink for the Ironman game, and the boys were having a lot of fun in the arena with noisemakers, shouting, yelling, and lots of other excitement. They also had more junk food and slushies. We didn't get home until 9:45pm, which is wayyyy after my boys' typical bedtime.

At 4:15am, Matt tapped me on the shoulder and declared, "Something happened in my bed."

Oh, for the love of vomit.

He tossed his cookies a few more times that night, and I had a panic attack about Nolan's surgery. If Nolan got the stomach flu during a fundoplication recovery, things would be bad. Very, very bad.

By morning, Matt seemed fine and he was eating food like normal. No fever, no other sign of illness. I started to relax and chalk up the middle of the night upchuck marathon to over-excitement and junk food. Of course, I spent the weekend in a state of terror, monitoring Nolan for signs of anything tummy-related.

A few days later, everyone is fine. We headed up to the ENT yesterday for a routine appointment. It went well,  and we determined that Nolan's "wet cough" did not really involve his lungs. If he had any problems with his lungs, the surgery would be off. Fortunately, all is well and it is just in his throat. He did have to have wax cleaned out again, which meant the papoose board and a lot of upset from Nolan.

After the ENT, we picked up Grandma from the airport and headed home. Today is the day before surgery, and everyone is right as rain. Matt went to school, Nolan seems happy and fine, and I have to call the surgeon to see what time surgery is tomorrow (and then call the Ronald McDonald House to check in).

I'll try to give brief updates from the hospital when we're there.


Kyla said...

Eeek! So soon!! I'll be thinking of you guys! I hope everything goes very, very smoothly.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh dear...

"Something happened in my bed..."

My sympathies - the nighttime vomits are THE WORST. Glad it wasn't something contagious ;D

Praying for you all,


TheSweetOne said...

It's in my calendar for tomorrow so we can keep you and Nolan in our prayers all day!

dlefler said...

Thanks, everyone! We're waiting until 3:00pm to call the hospital to find out the time of surgery tomorrow, then heading up to Rochester to the RMH.

xraevision said...

Pre-surgery terror and panic. BTDT just last week. I was *sure* that X's reflux/weird esophagus cough would trigger the shutdown of our big plan, but everyone recognized it for what it truly was - his standard cough. Whew! It all ended up being much easier than I imagined.

I mentioned you in my blog post today. I know that some of my JTC friends from the June session follow your blog. I figured that more thoughts and prayers send your way couldn't hurt!

Ah, RMH. I could burst into tears. You will be in good hands, and on my mind. Can't wait for news that surgery is over and everything is okay! xxx