Monday, August 2, 2010

Home Flooded Home

We landed in Buffalo last night, happy to be off the planes and close to home. The kids, of course, fell asleep about 5 minutes before we landed, so we had some fun carrying Noodle Boy and Cranky Boy (I'll let you sort out who was who). By the time we got off the plane, all the luggage was stacked up by the Southwest Airlines office. All the luggage, except for Nolan's car seat.

We gathered our suitcases and I sat with the two tired boys while Dennis filled out the necessary missing item paperwork. Fortunately, Southwest Airlines has a loaner program, so they loaned us a car seat until ours could be found. The loaner car seat is slightly smaller than Nolan's car seat, and this was a good thing because the two tired boys had no intention of walking. With three large suitcases, three backpacks/carryons, a booster seat, and a car seat, and a stroller, we needed the boys to walk. There was a brief and intense temper tantrum by Matthew, who wanted to go in a different direction than the parking lot shuttle.

We did manage to get to our car, with all children and luggage intact. Dennis tried unlocking the car with the remote, and nothing happened. For a minute, we had the sickening thought that the battery had died (this happened to us in Cleveland a couple of years ago). Fortunately, it was just the remote that was dead, and we loaded the kids up. We came home to a house that was well tended by our neighbors while we were away.

Sadly, our little flooding situation didn't just disappear, and our family room is quite sodden. We currently have a fan going to help dry things out a bit. Then the computer went on the fritz- we are having difficulty connecting to the internet, and then I get the "blue screen of death" periodically. Rebooting sometimes restores the connection, so if I don't blog for a while, it is because our computer has rebelled and gone on strike.

I have fielded about a thousand phone calls this morning, mostly involving Nolan's IEP. I have scheduled his psychological (IQ) testing for Wednesday morning, and we still have his IEP on schedule for Thursday. I do have to take a trip down to the pupil services office to change the date on his referral form, because otherwise the school can't get the testing and meeting done in the allowed time frame. I still haven't called the ENT or audiologist, though I will probably call the pediatrician soon to take a look at that right ear (still slightly infected, but not as bad as it once was).

We have a lot of ducks to get in a row!


MB said...

You are a way nicer wife than I am. I enjoy making my husband help carry all of our stuff/kid to the curb, then make him go get the car while I stand there and make sure it doesn't get stolen. He can fetch me like the princess I am. ;)

xraevision said...

Glad to hear that you all arrived home safe and sound! You certainly do have a lot to accomplish in the next while, and I hope your list doesn't include terrible JTC withdrawal . . . I will be praying to the internet gods that your connection is solid. I'm so curious to see where Nolan goes from here, and I've grown accustomed to regular updates!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Whew! Nothing like hitting the ground running!

Take some time to breathe, my friend :D


Apraxia Mom said...

Welcome home! You were truly missed!

Sorry about the sogginess that welcomed you home.

Make a nice cup of coffee and take it one step at a time.

I see that you brought your "Super Mom" cape on your trip, huh? That one didn't get lost, did it! :-)

rouchi said...

Give yourself a breather girl! Such a long action packed trip, you need to put up your feet and chill.But I look forward to where you all go from here.Hope all good for you all.