Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Appointments Made

Nolan's preschool class at John Tracy

I miss the John Tracy Clinic so much! They have set us on a path to figuring out Nolan's hearing loss, and for this I am forever grateful.

I called our audiology center today and made an appointment for another bone conduction test. We're going to run bone conduction first, and see what we get. Our audiologist said that sometimes there is a conductive component in children (or adults) with no identifiable etiology- in other words, we may not find a reason he has a large air-bone gap. The biggest concern is that his air-bone gap is larger than we've ever seen, indicating normal cochlear function in the low frequencies. This is completely different than any other test we've seen, so we definitely want to see if we can replicate the results. We'll see what happens on August 23rd.

I also called our ENT to make an appointment for Nolan. He has an appointment in October, and they said they could not squeeze him in any sooner than that. They did have one appointment on September 20, at 7:45am. This is definitely not ideal, since Matthew would have to miss school and we would have to leave the house at 5:45am. I told them I couldn't take that appointment- I'll find a new ENT before we have to deal with that situation. When I mentioned that I'd just go talk to his pediatrician or find another ENT because we think he's been misdiagnosed for three years, the office person changed course and said that perhaps the nurse practitioner could squeeze him in sooner. We'll see. If they don't call back tomorrow with an afternoon appointment sometime before the start of fall, then I am seeking another ENT.

Meanwhile, I am preparing Nolan's IEP information, including an entire section on FM Systems. I'm stealing ideas from the material provided at John Tracy, and from Drew's mom- who is definitely a superstar in the world of advocate moms.

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Lucas'Mommy said...

Love this pic, by the way! I'm still catching up on your posts, but I'll get there! I can't wait to read your IEP posts, and I perused Jenny's blog last night. Our transition mtg is 8/27. No IEP mtg scheduled yet, but things are rolling.