Tuesday, August 3, 2010

IEP Part 2: Future Planning Statement

A future planning statement will be included in Nolan's IEP booklet, to share our vision of Nolan's successful future:

We see the first five years of Nolan’s life as a critical window where he needs intensive intervention to establish his communication and listening skills that he will need in all future educational and life experiences.

In the short term, we see Nolan attending First Covenant Preschool in Jamestown, New York. This is a mainstream program, designed for three year old children. As Nolan will be attending a mainstream preschool, a personal FM System is vital to allow him equal access to the curriculum. Weekly sessions by a licensed Speech Language Pathologist are required to maintain Nolan's current language levels, and to address his difficulties with articulation. Regular monitoring by a certified Teacher of the Deaf (TOD) are necessary to verify that Nolan is functioning socially in the classroom, in addition to monitoring language, equipment (FM System) usage, and Nolan’s ability to hear and communicate in a mainstream classroom setting. The goal for these preschool years is to establish an appropriate foundation of communication, language, listening and literacy that will hopefully allow him to integrate into a mainstream Kindergarten class in Southwestern School District with minimal or no speech and language delays.

If Nolan receives the appropriate accommodations and services, we see Nolan graduating from High School and attending college or post-secondary education, should he choose to do so. We see Nolan as a positive, contributing member of society, who will be successful in life, without letting his deafness define him.


Herding Grasshoppers said...


I am overwhelmed with your awesomeness!

Only slightly kidding!

No, in fact, I'm serious.

You rock.

How was Matt's time with the grandparents?


leah said...

I totally stole that from Drew's mom (the Turn on My Ears blog)- she's the one with the awesomeness!

leah said...

Matt had a great time with his grandparents- went to the Sequoias with one set, and to the water park with the other. He's still wiped out from our trip, though!

Apraxia Mom said...

I will let you know right now that I am bowing to you and kissing the ground you walk on.


Who in their right mind would ever CONSIDER fighting against you!? Surely not me! In fact, I think I might be scared of you now. As for that trip to Chicago.....nah, just kidding!

High-fives and fist pumps to you!