Saturday, July 31, 2010

Getting Ready to Fly Home

I have several John Tracy related updates, but not enough time to blog about them! I will write about our final days at the Clinic when I get home. Here are a few updates:

1. Nolan's ear is still infected, but not draining as badly as it was in the beginning. The Ciprodex drops are actually going into his ear (rather than floating on top of the fluid), so his tube is probably unclogged.

2. We took our final picture, said tearful goodbyes, and drove up to Oxnard for a final weekend with our family. We fly to Buffalo tomorrow morning.

3. Nolan's IEP meeting is on August 5, and the psychological testing will be done sometime on the 3-4th of August.

We are going to be extremely busy when we get home. Besides the typical post vacation clean-up, we have more than a few appointments on our plate. The general schedule is now:

August 3 or 4: Psychological testing for Nolan's IEP.
August 5: IEP Meeting
August 9: Sleep study at Buffalo Children's
August 16: Follow-up appointment with neurologist (for sleep study)
August TBD: ENT appointment to discuss conflicting hearing test reports
August TBD: Audiological testing from a third site to confirm bone conduction results

We are going to be busy, but it will be good to get Nolan's hearing situation sorted out, his amplification increased to the appropriate levels, and determine if his central apnea has disappeared (fingers crossed)!


spherescamp said...

Wow, and I thought my August was looking busy!

I'll be keeping you guys in my thoughts for smooth sailing.

Apraxia Mom said...

You never rest, Leah. And yes, your plate is overflowingly full!

Sending prayers for a safe flight home!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Hope you have a relaxing family time before flying home and back into the whirlwind of activity!


xraevision said...

Have a safe trip home. I'm sad that I can no longer live vicariously through your JTC experience, but what a pleasure it was for me to imagine you being there and connect with you in that way.

I'm looking forward to reading about where you're going from here, especially getting the hearing situation sorted. (What the heck is IEP psychological testing? Is that standard?)

leah said...

"psychological" is code for "IQ testing." It's just the cognitive testing required by our district prior to a first IEP meeting. Matt had to have one, too- and he was just receiving speech therapy for an isolated speech delay.

deafdude said...

I read some of your blog and saw his audiogram. I am profoundly deaf myself and am looking to get stem cells in the near future to improve my hearing. Im not a fan of CI and explained this in my blog. Im a huge fan of HAs, properly fitted/programmed HAs can aid a profound loss, such as mine.

rouchi said...

So your journey to home has begun.Am glad you have a lot more clearer view of Nolan's HI and have found answers of your questions.Look forward to more from you.

anja said...

hey you guys! didn't get a chance to say a proper goodbye to you after the photo on friday, twas a bit chaotic. but wanted to get in touch to say I was so pleased to have met you and dennis and of course nolan. you are such an inspiration leah, and I don't know how you guys manage to find time to blog on top of it all. another reasoon you're amazing! anyway hope you got home safely and will stay in touch.

leah said...

Anja! We miss you already!! I hope you made it home safe and sound!