Thursday, August 12, 2010


Perhaps Nolan's little art demonstration yesterday was really his attempt to write us a letter:

"Dear Mom: Just as an FYI, my right ear is going to start leaking again tonight."

Remember the ear infection he developed in California? We treated him with Ciprodex for the recommended period of time, things seemed to dry up, and we were relieved. Until last night, that is. Nolan started chucking his right hearing aid across the room yesterday, which usually indicates a dead battery or an ear infection. Sure enough, there is sticky fluid in the ear canal.


We're off to see the pediatrician at 4:00 today. We're in for more Ciprodex and possibly some oral antibiotics. Ugh.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh Leah,

that is So. Not. Fair.



leah said...

Ugh is right. I'll write another post tomorrow- pretty nasty infection in the right ear. Now on oral abx and more Ciprodex- hopefully that will clear it!

spherescamp said...

Just a thought I had and I'm assuming it's already been done, but I don't remember seeing you've mentioned it. Have all the docs checked out Nolan's eustachian tubes? Until I hit a solid growth spurt in my early teens, my eustachian tubes were twisty where they were supposed to be straight. I felt like I was living with constantly draining ears.

I feel for Nolan. It's definitely no fun having chronic ear infections!

leah said...

They haven't checked out his eustachian tubes yet- kids under the age of five are more likely to get ear infections. The eustachian tubes don't point downward until after the age of five, so infection is more likely in some kids. If they do exploratory surgery for the conductive hearing loss, they'll probably check them out (not sure how they "check" eustachian tubes)!

We see the ENT on September 13, so that should give us some direction!