Monday, June 8, 2009

4 Word Sentence!

We've been doing a lot of games involving verbs to strengthen Nolan's receptive vocabulary. We've been jumping around the living room to "Jump around! Jump around! Jump up -jump up -and jump down!" When we were done playing, Nolan looked at me and told me: "Mommy, want jump around." That sentence is four words long, people- before the age of two!

The ENT's office called me with the scintiscan results today. The scintiscan is negative, so there is nothing physically wrong with Nolan's tummy and esophagus. This is great news, though I'm a little disappointed because mild acid reflux would have been an "easy fix" to his eating issues. I'd list the things Nolan cannot eat (like cheerios- he can't chew them at almost 2 years of age), but it is easier to list the things he CAN eat:

Soft fruit (strawberries, blueberries, orange slices, melon)



Graham crackers (they dissolve)

Yep, folks- that's it! Even cookies get crumbled on the floor rather than eaten. M&M's are rolled around in his mouth and then get spit out. Part of me wants to put him on Pediasure to make sure he's getting enough nutrition and calories, but there is a negative with Pediasure. Nolan already balks at solid foods, and putting him liquids might make resuming solids difficult later on. I'm not quite sure how to proceed. On one hand, he obviously is not eating things an almost-2 year old should eat. On the other hand, he is maintaining his weight in the 3rd percentile and seems otherwise fairly healthy. I suppose we'll watch and wait to see how he's doing at his 2 year old well-child appointment.



Let me know if you get it figured out - we have much of the same problem with William. Eats almost nothing, prefers liquid, but stays normal in the growth chart. I don't know...

Ericka said...

Wow that's a neat picture, the water is so crystal clear and he looks like he's having to much fun playing in it!
And congrats on the 4 word sentence! That is great! Way to go Nolan!!!

Drew's Mom said...


Great job on your sentance!

Now, help your Mommy's stress level out and eat some yummy food!

Love, Drew's Mom

leah said...

Dear Drew's Mom,

Thanks for that note to Nolan, lol! He ate 5 mandarin orange slices for dinner, so that's not too bad for him!

Nolan hasn't stayed normal on the growth chart, but at least he's holding to the percentile he has fallen to. Maybe this is some weird glitch and he'll get over his texture issues as he gets older. Ethan's mom had a book suggestion (Just Take a Bite) that I need to check out!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Wow. Nothing can be easy, can it?

Well, glad his "innards" are okay, and a four word sentence... YAY!


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Hmmm, and I'm thinking... trying to think of ways to "layer" more nutrition into what he does eat.

Peanut butter on the graham crackers?
Yogurt "smoothies"?
"Mighty milk" on his oatmeal?
(That's whole milk with milk powder or formula powder mixed in.)

I don't know... just thinking.


Anonymous said...

4 Word Sentence! That's worth celebrating, with a nice big plate of food! Way to go buddy. Glad to hear the test looked normal, you don't want to deal with acid reflux, trust me.

Lucas'Mommy said...

4 word sentence is amazing! Go Nolan!

tammy said...

Go Nolan go! Wonderful news about the sentence and the scan. Although I'm sure the scan results didn't help mom's stress levels! Ugh. Would they provide you with a nutritionist? or OT? to meet with for some ideas and tricks? Not sure if either makes sense, just ideas. Sending good luck your way!

Bright Family said...

Wow, Leah, 4 words?! That's great! We have little boys at daycare that will be two in early fall and don't even have that many words in their expressive vocabulary...

leah said...

I am thrilled with his 4 word sentence. At this age, my older boy had a word count of: 0! So I'm over the moon!

I'm trying to bulk my boy up! We don't have a nutritionist, but the SLP who did the feeding evaluation really felt there was some medical reason he wasn't eating. She did diagnose him with dysphagia, but I'm not sure what will follow. I'm loathe to just sign on for test after test with no real direction, but obviously he needs to get back on his growth curve and eat "big kid" food at the same time.

I think Julie's food layering idea is good. He only eats about two bites before he's done, so maybe I can pack lots of calories into those two bites he is getting, lol!

rouchi said...

He looks like he is having a great time.I am glad its not acid reflux, it can erode the food pipe, mine almost did. Its bad. Go step by step , I am sure you will get to the bottom of it.Give him power packed 2 bite meals, easier said then done though. all the best.

rouchi said...

BTW, congrats on the 4 word sentence.enjoy.