Friday, June 19, 2009

Post- Op Appointment

Mr. Nolan on the deck

We had a nice, uncomplicated visit with the urologist today, concluding our little encounter with posterior urethral valves. He confirmed that the VCUG was completely normal, and I reported that the post-operative period has been fairly uneventful. Except for a low-grade fever of about 100 degrees, but Nolan seems to almost always have that. We don't have to see the urologist again for an entire year, and when we do it will be for a bladder ultrasound. No big deal, and we'll just monitor the little guy over time to make sure his bladder doesn't show evidence of thickening (something that can happen with PUV boys). Nolan's in a really low risk category since he has no apparent kidney or bladder damage, and normal creatinine levels.

The only complicated thing is the travel. When Nolan was an infant, trips to Buffalo meant a screaming baby and a frustrated toddler. Then things got easy for a little while- Matt was old enough to entertain himself and Nolan was older and less fussy.
With a toilet trained 3 1/2 year old and an almost-2 year old, things have gotten "complicated" again. Just past Fredonia (and long past any bathrooms), Matthew announces he has to go pee pee. While I am thrilled that he is completely toilet trained, I wasn’t thrilled at the location of his urgent request. There is NOTHING between Fredonia and Cassadaga. A few minutes later. Matthew-with-the-yellow-eyes announces that perhaps he could go in the woods. I was tempted. The shoulders were narrow, the traffic fairly busy, and there was NO bathroom in sight. I told him to hold it “a little bit longer.”

We make it to Fredonia and the most blessed Sunoco on earth. I rush inside with Nolan (who has conveniently lost his shoes in the car) and a scissor-legged Matt. We got the key to the bathroom, and Matt walks inside to see a… URINAL. Wide eyed, he says (de sotto voice): “I want to pee in that.” Unfortunately, Nolan also spied it and managed to get his hands into it before I could stop him. ACK! I pull Nolan away and hold Matt up so that he can use the thing. Nolan thinks the “fountain” is funny and tries to stick his hands in the stream- EGADS! He has no ears on, of course, because I left them in the car in my haste. I don’t know what the Quickie Mart patrons could have been thinking, with me yelling, “Nolan! Don’t touch the PEE!” I get Matt cleaned up, wash Nolan’s hands in the dirty gas-station sink, and rush both boys back out to the car. Luckily I had some wet wipes in there.

I think I am going to invest in a little porta-potty. No one ever tells you about gas station bathrooms and toddlers before you have kids. Blech.


Herding Grasshoppers said...


Okay, maybe this is gross, but when the boys first potty trained...

I kept diapers in the car and would let the (potty-trained) boys sort of squat, holding the diaper like a cup between their legs and pee into them.

Thank the Lord for Hand Sanitizer.


At least the van has privacy-glass so no one can see!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh - gee - and YAY that Nolan is doing fine!


Drew's Mom said...

That's hilarous. Boys are CRAZY! I can already see how much harder Drew is going to be to potty train.

When we go on long drives, we put a "potty seat" in the car for my daughter to use. That way, you can pull over to the side of the road, or off an exit that doesn't have a potty, and let them go. We've used it on several occasions, and it really beats the situation where they have to go and you can't find a potty!

Julia said...

Hilarious!!! I'm glad our Fredonia Sunoco was there to provide some measure of relief, although it was wanting when it comes to hygiene. There are also the McD and Wendy's on the corner of 60 and 20 -- might be worth the price of a small coffee to use their facilities! I'm glad to hear the suggestions for on-the-road potty arrangements -- we might start toilet training Ben this summer.

Lucas'Mommy said...

Crazy!!! Oh the things I have to look forward to.... glad Nolan's appointment went well!

leah said...

Julia, good luck with the toilet training! We're not starting with Nolan quite yet (PUV boys are often delayed with that, and my other one is 3 1/2 and just now completely trained). We are trying to develop an awareness, though, so that he recognizes what is going on.

I am definitely getting a "porta potty" or keeping some sort of absorbent material in the car. We were just past Fredonia and ended up pushing through to Cassadaga. I miss California where there is a place to "go" every block! LOL.


GREAT story! It's funny, the things that happen to us as parents sometimes.
The potty chair is a great idea. We always have one in the car for long trips, too. I have no idea when we'll start potty-training William. I'm not quite sure how to do that with a child that can't walk without a walker. I have a friend that used to say, "Don't sweat potty-training. They'll definitely be trained by the time they get married." That was a relief, to not feel like I HAD to have them trained by 2!
About obeying - OF COURSE William tests the limits, too! They have to try us out, don't they? LOL!

tammy said...

Thanks for the laugh! This is hilarious! I'm sure not that hilarious for you at the time, but one of those that you laugh at later! Oh the thought of it all! Aiden would have been right there with Nolan!