Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hearing Test Postponed

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We had a hearing test scheduled for today, but our poor audiologist had to go home ill. So the test is cancelled for today, which might be a good thing because Nolan is a tad cranky this morning.

Unfortunately, the broken hearing aid is not doing us any favors. The battery door latch had broken in the right aid, and now the entire door falls out of the aid. The left earmold is difficult to get in and is cast in the wrong direction, so that aid is not tolerated by Nolan well. He also (usually) refuses to wear one aid without the other-this means that Nolan will be aid-less for the next two weeks until we get in for the rescheduled hearing test/aid repair appointment. I am managing to get the battery door somewhat secured for speech therapy, but the door is also the on/off switch so the aid cuts out if it is jostled in any way.

Hopefully the next two weeks will go by quickly, so that we can be up and running with two functional aids again soon!


Lucas'Mommy said...

How frustrating! I hope the days go by quickly, or else they can fit you in sooner!

tammy said...

Yuck! When Aiden's HA door broke, we used a tiny bit of electrical tape (or duct tape) to secure it. It worked for the time needed. Hope the next two weeks go quickly for you!

Megan said...

Oh, so sorry the aides aren't working for you. I hate when Luca has problem with his gear and am usually a pest with the audiologist until they are fixed.

That's amazing the Nolan is using 4 words and a question, too! Luca is really into verbs right now and his language is exploding. It's so fun to see that with our hard of hearing boys.

We are working on communicating with his big sister, Sophie during our speech therapy time as Luca has really started biting instead of using words. His favorite is "our turn" for my turn.

Christian and Lily's Mommy said...

Ugh. I hope it goes by fast for you!

Thank you so much for the reassurance today and the sweet comment on the blog. I am having such a hard time lately, and really appreciate all the pep talks from Mommas who know what I'm going through!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Does you Audio or (if it's near enough) Children's Hospital have any loaner aids you could check out?

Just a thought,



That is frustrating! Hopefully you'll get some tape or something working and he'll just decide he really likes hearing and wear them both anyway! It's a hopeful thought anyway!

Anthony said...

hi, we have just recently found out that our son (17months) needs hearing aids after a very long winded year or so, the dr's presumed glue ear was the cause and once cleared up he would be fine, he passed all tests in August 2008 apart ( 6months) from low level sounds so we continued with checkups and it was confirmed yesterday that we would now be referred for hearing aids. He is 50 left ear and 60 in the right ear, at the moment we are struggling with the whole thing, i suppose because we don't know much about it or anyone else who has been in the same situation.

Although we do feel a bit better to finally know one way or the other and want to just get on with things now before he misses out on anything else, at the moment he has no aids and is managing around 10 words, although i think deep down we both new as his older brother (4 years old)was more advanced at his age.

would you have any advise for us parents at the early stages?

Anthony & Paula

leah said...

Anthony and Paula,

This deserves a post of its own. First off, just BREATHE. You might have several medical appointments over the coming months (normal to newly diagnosed kids). This is all normal. Once he gets his hearing aids he'll have access to the sounds he's been missing so that his language can catch up. Things WILL be OK, I promise! There's a great parent group at with lots of wonderful support and advise for things like IFSP and IEP creation, too. I'd also buy a binder (to store medical records/ early intervention stuff) and a pilot cap or critter clips (to keep those pesky aids in the ears and to keep them from getting lost).

Tammy, thanks for the electrical tape idea. That will bind it without sticking permanently! Julie, I'm not sure if they have a loaner aid or not... they might, but we're only a week and two days out from getting up there now, anyway. I am going to ask them about what I should do in the future, though! Getting an appointment shouldn't take an act of congress (g).