Sunday, January 29, 2012


This picture sums up our weekend:

Nolan has another ear infection.

In other news: Grass is green! Rain is wet! Dogs bark!

Acid Reflux, I hate you. 

When it rains, it pours. Matt hasn't been "well" lately, either. He's had a molluscum infection for approximately... forever and developed staph infections in several of the lesions. He was cultured to see if it was MRSA (the methicillin resistant staph bug that can be particularly nasty), and the results came back as regular, plain old staph. I never thought I would be happy for a staph infection, but there you go.

The worst boils were lanced and he was placed on Bactrim, a rather strong antibiotic. The boils healed, though the underlying eczema and molluscum infection are still going strong. On Friday night, I noticed that he had a few more bumps than usual on his legs. Was he getting a virus? I posted a picture on facebook so everyone could play "guess the rash."

The poor kid is itching like crazy. Ideas like chicken pox (he's been vaccinated) and Hand Foot Mouth Disease (though HFMD doesn't itch) were brought up by the Almighty Google. The welts began to swell and spread, and I started suspecting an allergic reaction. By Saturday morning, it was on his hands arms, in addition to his legs and spreading up to his waistband.

His knees and elbows are particularly bad, and are one giant coalescence of The Great Itch.

The good news: a new urgent care opened up in our community. The bad news: the urgent care is closed on Sundays!

We are giving Matt lots of Benedryl and applying caladryl lotion to the welts. 

I am calling the pediatrician in the morning to get both boys in - I hope they have some sort of two-for-one deal going on. 


Kyla said...

Yeah, that does look a little like hives! I hope things go well tomorrow at the pediatrician. KayTar has a we are doing the sick thing here, too. :/

TheSweetOne said...

Good luck with this one. I feel bad for your guys. I'm going to throw this one out there, just because of last November - Toxic Shock, which it's really not likely to be because the rash is itchy - can be triggered by staph infections and hits kids too. If he gets diarrhea and a really high temp, head to emerge.. please?

dlefler said...

Yikes - we'll definitely head to the ER if he spikes any kind of a fever. We've been watching him like a hawk since the rash emerged, and so far it's only been horribly itchy bumps/welts.

Julia said...

Connor over at Connor's Song came out in a blaze of rashy glory -- suspected sulfa reaction. I'm sorry you've got so much on your plate right now -- but then, what's new? I hope you get both kids into the doc tomorrow. We have no urgent care facility in our area except the emergency room.

spherescamp said...

Yeah, I would say it's a reaction to the Bactrim. Sulfa allergies stink.

rouchi said...

Ughhhh, that must be so painful for lil Matt !! Hope its nothing major and you get to see the doctor quickly. Just 2 days with Prisha itching (Chicken pox) was terrible for me.
Poor Nolan, his acid reflux is giving him too much trouble.
Wish you had some relief soon Leah !!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Poor babies! And I bet you're not getting much sleep, either.

Hoping for help from the doc,


Shabrew said...

Did anyone EVER figure out what this was?? My kids got what looks like the same thing and docs had no idea. Hives is what they called it. Not one of my kids EVER had hives. Next thing you know another kid got it, then another. Hives?? Not contagious right?? So never any hives... Ever...then ....boom! Three kids get it one right after another. ??

Please email me at if anyone figured out this mysterious rash. Thanks!