Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fixed Ears

Nolan's new ear hooks came in the mail yesterday - I was rather relieved to put the new hook on, as the other (broken) hook was rather loose. When the little guy had his tantrum last week, he had snapped through the threads - while the hearing aid was still usable, I was in constant fear that it would fall apart at school and that we'd lose a hearing aid! The new hook is nice and secure.

I called the pediatric surgeon's office yesterday to make sure all of Nolan's records had arrived. I knew his scans from the ENT were already there (they were what prompted the surgeon's phone call two weeks ago), but I wanted to make sure the pH probe, biopsy, and pathology report had arrived from the GI doctor's office. Everything has made its way to his office, so we should hear back on "The Plan" soon. The next step will probably involve another consultation with the doctor prior to surgery (if surgery proceeds) and will definitely involve another gastric emptying scan. In the meantime, I continue to bake and eat pastry. I hope things get settled before another week passes, because I am starting to measure the waiting time in pounds gained.


TheSweetOne said...

Mmmm pie. If you don't want those pastries you're baking you're welcome to send them here!

dlefler said...

I made lemon meringue from scratch last night. Delicious, and I'm pretty sure it had absolutely no calories whatsoever.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Stressed = Desserts, spelled backward!

Glad the new hooks were an easy fix. Something ought to be easy for Nolan!


rouchi said...

Good that Nolan's hooks are fixed, relief for both of you. Hope he is going to be careful now with them.Yummm, pastry time is anytime...enjoy it.